Welcome to one of the fastest growing suppliers of steel holders for Internet Networks and Telecommunications Industries on European market.


  We offer a variety of holders made of the highest quality materials - galvanized steel and aluminum.

  We can also accommodate special orders outside of our regular offer.


  On special request, we offer:

  - custom made holders, when provided with the design

  - powder coating


Client satisfaction is our first priority.

Revse has a strong focus on solutions that maximize value for our customers. Our success is determined on how well we perform for our customers, and this requires teamwork.

Our Sales, Distribution, and Technical Support teams work together to insure this success. 

We want our customers to view us as an essential part of their success, by providing them with an experienced and knowledgeable staff, excellent supplier partnerships, and continual improvement.

We also deliver on any commitments we make, offering special prices and services when applicable.



Saixo International / Revse
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