Warranty & RMA Policy

  1. Saixo International / Revse grants a 12 month warranty period for goods sold, starting with the day of invoicing, except for products covered by a different warranty period. Saixo International / Revse guarantees the proper operation of goods and the removal of defects that become apparent during the warranty period.
  2. Warranty does not include: faults or defects arising during transportation, faults or defects caused by improper use or by external forces such as flood, fire, lightning, etc., faults or defects arising during remodeling, wrong configuration or repairs done by unauthorized personnel, upkeep and periodic maintenance.
  3. In the case of defective goods, other than described in clause 2, the Ordering Company should immediately complain to Saixo International / Revse by filling the RMA Request form and enclose a copy of invoice. All fields of the RMA Request form should be filled.
  4. The Ordering company is obligated to provide defective goods for testing at Saixo International / Revse's Headquarters, at it's own expense. The goods should be sent in the original box together with all included accessories and a note: SERVICE.
  5. If the goods are recognized as being defective, the goods are resent at the Ordering Company's expense.
  6. A warranty claim is considered within 14 days starting from the day of receiving the defective goods with the proper RMA Request form filled out. If the warranty expires during this period the Ordering Company will be informed about an extension of this period by e-mail or fax. In the case of the lack of or an improperly completed RMA Request Form, Saixo International / Revse have the right to extend the corresponding warranty period until the time of receiving all the required information.
  7. If the conditions of Clause 3 are not fulfilled or goods serial numbers are not visible, Saixo International / Revse reserves the right to send claimed goods back at the Ordering Company's expense without considering the Warranty Claim.
  8. The Ordering Company will be charged for costs of maintenance, cleaning and expertise if defects were not discovered or arose by Ordering company's fault.
  9. The granted warranty authorizes the Ordering Company to demand from Saixo International / Revse the elimination of defects or a decrease in the price of goods.
  10. None of the claim (declared within the confines of the warranty) may be the reason of refusal or withholding payment for received goods.
  11. If the elimination of goods defects is impossible or involves excessive costs, Saixo International / Revse is entitled to exchange goods to goods free of defects, at the Ordering Company's request.
  12. Saixo International / Revse will make all efforts for the positive fulfilling of all warranty claims within a period of 14 days from the date of considering the claimed goods. If the fulfillment of the warranty is impossible during this period, both Parties will negotiate separate conditions and way of accomplishing the warranty claim.